About us

Hi, I am Lara and I am the founder of Finn & Nala.

So, who am I? I am a Mum just like you. Obviously being a Mum is the world’s greatest job but we all know the first few weeks after your child is born is a total overload, you really don’t know what the hell is going on. Nothing can prepare you for everything you are about to feel, all the highs and the deep lows.

I must be honest, I really struggled in the first few months after Finn’s birth. When I look back that person does not even seem like me, I was in a deep fog with no clear end in sight. Finn was born early and spent 2 weeks in special care with meningitis followed by 4 months of screaming for several different reasons, let me just tell you he wasn’t the only one crying everyday. I wondered when I would feel like myself again? I needed an outlet for me, so along with my previous buying experience came Finn & Nala and here we are 9 months later launching our new adventure with the happiest little boy and the happiest, most grateful mum.

At Finn & Nala we promise to keep it simple. In todays world there are so many products for your little ones it can all become a bit overwhelming so in saying that we will continue to personally try every product we sell and always source products that will be useful in your everyday life as a parent!